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Chemical Dependency Counselor License Exam

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Whether you are studying for an LCDC exam, or taking a course to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor, PracticeQuiz's 86 practice questions will help you prepare

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A Chemical Dependency Counselor helps victims of chemical addiction transition towards a life without substance abuse by providing treatment, case management, evaluation, support, and community education. Many states have their own licensure system, either an exam or a certificate with a required curriculum, though the material covered is similar for all of them.  A license or certification is a crucial step to becoming a LCDC or CDP. Please refer to your state's Chemical Dependency Counselor Certification website for complete details. provides 86 original practice questions with explanatory answers on the topic of Chemical Dependency Counselling.  Topics in our questions include:
  • Treatment Plans
  • Counselling
  • Case Management
  • Assessment
Other LCDC exam topics include:
  • Addiction Knowledge
  • Client, Family, and Community Education
  • Documentation
  • Professional and Ethical Responsibilities

Need more practice? Try our Chemical Dependency Counselor CCDC Exam set with dozens more questions.

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