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ACT Exam Prep (Math and English)


Which course of action most improves the following sentence?

"Tom Brady is one of the NFL quarterbacks who has won more than one Super Bowl."

  1. Insert a comma after quarterbacks.
  2. Lowercase Super Bowl.
  3. Change has to have.
  4. Fix the parallel structure.
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2 Which section of the following passage needs to be edited for incorrect spelling, incorrect grammar, inappropriate word choice or wordiness?
  1. Neither the basketball coach
  2. nor the members of his team
  3. was happy about losing
  4. to their regional rival.
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Which course of action most improves the following sentence?

"Don’t forget to change your car’s oil every 3000 miles, you risk damaging the engine if you drive without enough oil."

  1. Fix the parallel structure.
  2. Change from second to third person.
  3. Fix the comma splice.
  4. Set off the parenthetical remark with commas.
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