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CompTIA Network+ Exam Review

1 How does a router handle broadcasts?
  1. Routers forward broadcasts, but do not initiate them.
  2. Routers do not initiate or forward broadcasts.
  3. Routers initiate broadcasts, but do not forward them.
  4. Routers initiate broadcasts and forward them.
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4 What does the jam signal on an Ethernet segment signify?
  1. It indicates a physical problem on the wire.
  2. It indicates congestion on the network.
  3. It indicates that the server is down.
  4. It indicates a collision on the wire.
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5 Which of the following fields make up a switch’s bridge ID (BID)?
  1. IP address and Bridge priority
  2. MAC address and Bridge priority
  3. Port priority and MAC address
  4. Port priority and IP address
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