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NYSTCE: Students with Disabilities Exam Prep

1 Which of the following behaviors suggests the need for further evaluation based on normal developmental milestones?
  1. Child not crawling by 6 months
  2. No spoken language by age 2
  3. Child puts things in mouth
  4. Child cries when hungry or tired
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2 Chloe, 14 months old, was born with cerebral palsy. She has low muscle tone and is delayed on most developmental milestones. Which of the following services will she likely receive?
  1. Trips to the local library for story time
  2. In-home therapy services provided by a specialist
  3. Occasional babysitting
  4. Swimming lessons
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3 Once a child qualifies for early childhood services, which of the following best represents the next process?
  1. The child will be enrolled in a preschool program.
  2. A team of specialists will develop an IEP with the parent to determine which programs best meet the child’s needs.
  3. The child will likely wait three to six months to receive services.
  4. A therapist will work one-on-one with the child.
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4 Which of the following best describes the Denver Developmental Screening Test?
  1. Children are flown to Denver for this test.
  2. It quickly screens for basic developmental milestones.
  3. The test is typically videotaped.
  4. The parent administers the test.
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5 Which of the following best describes Ages & Stages Questionnaires?
  1. A test conducted by psychologists in a formal setting
  2. A questionnaire completed by the child
  3. A questionnaire completed by parents or a pediatrician with the parents’ input
  4. A test that assesses parents’ knowledge of parenting topics
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